Friday, August 21, 2009

Megan and Jeremy's wedding cake

So I finally scanned a picture of Megan and Jeremy's wedding cake! This was my first wedding cake. The top 2 tiers are cake dummies and the bottom tier is spice cake with cinnamon butter cream filling, and all are covered in marshmallow fondant. I also made large sheet cakes that were white cake with raspberry filling and frosted w/ butter cream.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Vintage Hat Cake

I made this cake for Enrichment night at church. The theme was H.A.T.S. (Have A Taste of Service) and we decorated with vintage hats and other cool vintage things. Most of the people thought this cake was a real hat. What a compliment! : ) This was really fun to make, and it was pretty easy, too. It was a three-tier cake - the top and bottom layers were chocolate and the middle layer was vanilla. It was frosted and filled with chocolate frosting and I covered it with marshmallow fondant. The flowers were "fantasy flowers" made from gum paste.

I trimmed the edge a little, on the rim of the hat after this picture wa taken.

I originally decorated the back of the hat with "buttons". But I had an extra blue flower so I changed it to this.....

Which one do you like better?