Monday, December 7, 2009

Great White Shark Cake

This is the cake that my boys requested for their birthday party. They love to watch the shark shows on Discovery channel and they always think it's sooo cool when the Great Whites jump out of the water and catch the seals. And they specifically requested that the sharks have "bulud" (blood) on their teeth. That's a boy for ya!


  1. Holy crap Becky! You are so talented! The cake is so amazing.

  2. That was a great one! But I don't think I got a piece with bulud on it. :(

  3. Becky, I live on Cape Cod and was going to try and make this cake for my son's upcoming 6th birthday. I was wondering what you made the shark and seals out of? I typically use a rice krispie mix - similar to that used on Cake Boss to form my "molds" - but yours almost look like they are cake...? Also, what kind of supports did you use inside the waves? Thanks for any advice you might have! Jillian from Barnstable, Ma Cape Cod

  4. Hi Jillian!
    I just made the sharks and seals out of gumpaste. You could use rice krispies, too - my only advice is to make sure you put something in to prop the mouth open in the exact position that you want until it's completely dry. I took my support out too early and it started to crack.
    I used wooden dowels for the supports in the waves. Good luck! :)