Thursday, August 5, 2010

Carrie's College Graduation

I made this for my sister's college graduation luau celebration! The cake was a white coconut cake with sweet lime curd filling, frosted with vanilla buttercream. This was my first attempt at making a person out of fondant, so please pardon the feet. And the fact that none of thise is proportionate. :) I had fun making this cake and all of the little personal things surrounding her, like her daily planner, and one of her favorite books, the Count of Monte Cristo. And of course, the can of Diet Pepsi with Lime. :)


  1. The smoke coming from the volcano was the cherry on top! I loved it!:)

  2. love it...nice the new background

  3. This was fabulous! And such details - even down to sticky tabs in my books. Perfect! Thanks Becky!! :D